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Top 7 Items in Your Bug Out Bag

Top 7 Items in Your Bug Out Bag

By on Aug 22, 2016 in Outdoor Tips |

When you practice the kind of preparedness that can respond even to the simplest emergency, then you are set for the more crucial ones, at any given time. When you practice this on the daily, it becomes ingrained in your routine and therefore becomes a part of your daily essentials, and way of living.

Before anything else, you must first determine your bug out bag. This bag would function as your portable gear, like a traveling first aid kit but more compounded with the bug out bag essentials that you incorporate in there that are all necessary for survival. In choosing your bag, you must first ensure that it is of durable quality so that it will last through harsh conditions and environment.

The way in deciding which bag this is depends on your survival list. Once you have the items on that list, you can proceed to selecting the bug out bag that would suit and fit all, and best works for you. So here is a rundown of the top essentials that should be in your bug out bag.

• At least have a minimum of 1 liter per day of water, which may be in containers like a canteen or other hard water bottles, collapsible one also. Include water filters, and purifiers if you can.
• Pack food that would be good for at least 3 days and preferably ones that are nonperishable; include protein bars, dehydrated foods, can opener, fork/spoon, metal pot for cooking and cup, scrubber for pot and fuel for the stove.
• The clothing you pack is one to suit your tolerance for the weather and environment conditions and should be at least 2-3 changes. These must be light, comfortable clothing that includes pants, socks, underwear, and others that you find necessary.
• For shelter, it is important to be able to rest well especially if it has been a rough day. You can use a tent, sleeping bags, or other that you can prop up on the ground and include packing a blanket.
• For heating sources, like making fire, you can pack matches and other igniting components.
• Pack basic first aid kit and other hygienic accessories like soap, sanitizers, repellents, towels.
• Pack tools like a survival or tactical knife, and for lighting like tactical flashlights, headlamps, candles and include batteries.
• Pack crank radio, other gadgets for communication like cellphones, chargers.
• In bugging out, you might find yourself in situations that require you to pay, so do not go out penniless, have at least some cash bills, depending on how much you are comfortable keeping in your pocket, and include loose coins too.
• Pack travel guides like maps, and compasses. Also include a pen and notebook.
• Self defense measures are necessary when bugging out. If you are already trained for it, this would be to your advantage. However, you can opt to carry weapons but this is something to carefully consider to ensure safety, especially if you are bugging out with family or friends.
Weapons can also be used for hunting as necessary. Include whistle for emergency, weapons like a rifle, or a handgun, if not both.

Other miscellaneous items to pack include trash bags, sunscreen, sewing kit, and whatever else that you feel is necessary for you to pack in your bug out bag.

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